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On this page you'll see my Birth Flowers collection of individually hand painted, made-to-order jewelry. I've painted each tiny "canvas" with watercolor and oil on handmade paper (click on the paper image at the end for more details). Each painting turns translucent and jewel-like once it is encased in durable jewelry resin, and the flowers appear to float.

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Sizes and Prices

The Jewelry

Scroll down for the entire collection. See size guide and additional chain options. Please note that most pieces are painted on a made-to-order basis. (*Please note that due to ongoing limited inventory, once all square jewelry in the birth flower collection has been sold, squares will no longer be available on a made-to order-basis.) Allow up to 12 business days for delivery. Prices include shipping to Eastern region. Click here to order and for more information. 

January, Carnation
February, Violet
March, Daffodil
April, Daisy
May, Lily of Valley
June, Rose
July, Water Lily
August, Poppy
September, Aster
October, Marigold
November, Chrysanthemum
December, Holly

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