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Did you know that the ancient Celtic druids worshipped trees, and that there are 13 months in the Celtic lunar calendar? This collection has been inspired by the 13 trees in the Celtic calendar. All 13 designs have been printed using hand-cut linoleum block printing, with details added in ink, by hand. At only $25 for each necklace and $20 for earrings,  this collection is priced to sell! Buy your tree sign, or buy your favorite design! 

Necklaces include silver plated pendant trays with silver plated snake chains in your choice of 5 lengths.*  Earrings are set in stainless steel pendant trays with sterling silver French hooks, and include silicone earring backs. Limited quantities of each tree sign are available at a time (scroll down for all inventory) and will be periodically created and restocked. Items in stock ship for $2.95 within 2 business days.


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Celtic Trees Gifts
Celtic Tree Earrings
Celtic Tree Calendar
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